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Obstetrics & Gynaecology


When should I have my first pregnancy care appointment?

Ideally you should see your obstetrician when you start planning your pregnancy.  Once you are pregnant, we aim to see you for your first antenatal appointment between 9-12 weeks of pregnancy.  It will be a lengthy consultation which gives your obstetrician an opportunity to take a complete history, perform any necessary examinations, order any required investigations and discuss your concerns. We encourage you to bring your partner with you to this appointment if possible.

What do I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring a referral from your GP, all blood and ultrasound results and a list of any medications that you may be taking, including dosage. If you have any particular concerns or questions about your pregnancy, we recommend coming with a list of these so as to ensure we cover them in our discussions.

How often will I have appointments?

We typically recommend that your appointments are every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks and then weekly until your delivery.  You may need more frequent appointments if there are any complications. We will also see you 6-8 weeks postnatally

What is the cost to come see Seed O&G?

Seed O&G is a private service and hence there are fees for clinic appointments and pregnancy care.  Contact our administration staff for an individualised cost estimate.

How much weight should  I gain?

The ideal weight gain in pregnancy is different for everyone and depends on your pre-pregnancy weight.   If you are overweight at the start of pregnancy it is best to avoid gaining too much weight in pregnancy.

Here is a useful resource from RANZCOG for more information on weight gain in pregnancy: RANZCOG INFO SHEET Why your Weight Matters In Pregnancy.

Is it safe to  have sex in pregnancy?

In most cases it is safe to have sex in pregnancy.  There are a few conditions in pregnancy where it is best to avoid sex.  Contact your doctor or midwife if your pregnancy is complicated for individualized advice.  

Is it safe to exercise in pregnancy?

Women with an uncomplicated pregnancy are encouraged to stay active throughout their  pregnancy. Most exercise regimes can be continued with some modifications. Regular exercise can have many benefits in pregnancy including better weight control and maintenance of existing fitness levels; and may also help decrease your chances of developing pregnancy related complications such as hypertension and gestational diabetes.  Please have a chat to your doctor prior to commencement of any new exercise program, especially if you are new to regular exercise. Here is a useful resource for further information.

Is it safe to travel in pregnancy?

Travel in pregnancy is safest in the second trimester in an uncomplicated pregnancy.  Some travel destinations should be avoided for safety concerns for both mother and baby, and consideration should be given to the chance of a premature delivery at your destination.  Before committing to travel in pregnancy please discuss all plans with your doctor. Please refer to RANZCOG patient information about travel in pregnancy.

When should I call the hospital?  

Please call the maternity unit of your booked hospital if you have regular painful contractions, leakage of fluid or bleeding from the vagina, reduced or no fetal movements or if you are feeling unwell.  Please call even if you are not sure you should- the maternity units are staffed by friendly midwives around the clock and can help you decide on the next step. They will contact us directly when needed.  

How can I contact my doctor?

In office hours please contact our rooms on 9886 7788.  Our friendly staff will be able to pass a message on to us to contact you as required.  After hours we recommend pregnant patients contact the maternity unit at their booked hospital for advice.  In the case of an medical emergency please contact your local hospital emergency department.